June 6

Case Study: Bravo Launch Events


BRAVO is a membership program and powerful network for women who work in procurement and supply chain. It’s designed to help women find their voice and build their place within the procurement and supply chain profession – at any stage of their career journey, and wherever they are in the world.

Last month, we worked with BRAVO on three hybrid launch events across three different regions – the USA, APAC (Asia-Pacific) and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

The brief

Their launch event was all about kick-starting the BRAVO 8-month membership program, providing members with both information and inspiration for their journey ahead.

The hybrid events needed to be livestreamed across three different regions. Along with the live component of the project, we also needed to prep and pre-record speakers for some of the segments, and make sure that the BRAVO branding was incorporated into the event.

Given the various aspects of the job, plus juggling different time zones, we knew that preparation and tight project management were fundamental to a smooth event. Luckily, we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge!

Success starts with the groundwork

Professional woman standing behind a camera being filmed while speaking

Pre-recording speakers in the lead up to the event

In the lead up to the event we needed to pre-record speakers; this included filming speakers at the client’s office, along with recording remote speakers. We held speaker prep sessions so everyone was ready for filming and there weren’t any surprises – lighting, camera angles, audio and framing were all covered, plus answering any tech questions.

Including branding in the event was also important for BRAVO, and something we always recommend. You never want to lose brand recognition when you take events into the virtual world. So we applied BRAVO’s branding to intro videos, title slides and graphics, and we animated them for added engagement.

Taking it live

Coordinating the livestreams across different time zones was certainly a challenge (there were some very early mornings for us!) but we’re happy to say each event went exactly as planned.

They were exciting sessions with some high-profile speakers including Jelena Dokic, who shared her courageous story of survival both on and off the court.

We look forward to working with BRAVO again on their flagship event later this year.

Are you considering hybrid?

Reach a larger audience and achieve greater flexibility with hybrid events.


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