July 23

Case Study: Victorian Academy of Teaching & Leadership Podcast Workshop


The Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership is an organisation offering evidence-informed, inspiring professional learning to Victorian school teachers and leaders.

As part of this objective, the Academy brought us on board to help kick off their new content platform – podcasts!

The brief

Before we got into the actual work of recording and editing podcasts, we needed to upskill teachers at the Academy to ensure they had the knowledge to create the best possible podcasts to a professional standard; this included everything from ideas and planning to presentation skills.

Podcast education

We organised a comprehensive 2-hour podcast workshop that would educate stakeholders on the best practices for traditional podcasting, covering the following key topics:

  • What makes a good podcast?
  • How long should a podcast be?
  • How should you prepare for a podcast?
  • What is the best number of speakers for a podcast? Why?
  • If you don’t already have a topic what are the best ways of planning a theme or talking points?
  • Should you prepare notes for a podcast or just be natural?

Four adults sitting around boardroom table with earphones on and talking into mics
An audio demo was arranged on the same day as the workshop.

As part of our service, we would also set up a podcast studio in their office for an audio demo with a few teachers. Our sound technician would be present to facilitate the recording demo, ensure that the equipment is functioning correctly and provide support to the talent during their delivery.

On the day

Our comprehensive podcast workshop for the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership.

We set up a hybrid workshop event with approximately 50 teachers in attendance, some in the room and some online. Our event producer, Steve Angel, hosted, bringing extensive experience of hosting his own podcast and training corporate public speakers.

Along with the workshop, we also wanted to help teachers bridge the gap between having a concept for a podcast and then turning that into a structured episode. So, we set up a framework template that would guide them to develop future podcasts.

We can’t wait to see what great work the Academy produces in the coming months!

Learn more about our Mobile Podcast Service here.


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