July 2

Case Study: Highpoint Hoyts & The Funderdome Promo Video


Hoyts Cinemas and The Funderdome (a two-storey golf course, arcade and karaoke complex) are part of Highpoint Shopping Centre’s entertainment offering. We were engaged to film and produce one video to promote both venues.

The brief

Hoyts and The Funderdome are long-standing venues within Highpoint Shopping Centre. Our client wanted a fresh promotional video to attract more customers, by reminding them of all the benefits of a night out at Highpoint’s entertainment precinct (particularly with the winter season approaching, when Melbournians are less inclined to leave their homes!).

Taking viewers on a journey

The best way to showcase the offering at Hoyts and The Funderdome was to take viewers on a journey of what they could experience on a night out at the two venues.

The client supplied the script and our video team worked closely with talent to create a fast-paced 45-second promotional video, which follows two couples on a fun night out at the cinema, karaoke, arcade games and mini golf. Along with highlighting the luxurious nature of the Lux Hoyts cinema with its dining options, we also wanted to capture the nostalgia of arcade games and mini golf.

On the day

Click to play

View the final video above!

Our video team worked with the talent to film everything we needed on a one-day shoot during a quiet period, to ensure minimal disruption to the venues.

Editing is also a key part of our video production services. In this instance we edited the final video into three formats: landscape, portrait and square, so the client had everything they needed to post on all social and digital channels.

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