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Case Study: Underground Operators Conference 2023

The Underground Operators Conference is the flagship event of the year for The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM). Attendees have the opportunity to see industry-leading speakers, network with no less than 1,500 members of the underground mining community, and experience a sold-out exhibition floor.

The event was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre over two days in March, and we were brought on board to capture the action from all angles.

The brief

2023 was an extra special conference as it tied in with 130 years of AusIMM. Our main objectives were to create the content needed to promote this event and encourage and excite viewers to attend future events.

When we said we were to capture the event from all angles, we meant that quite literally – along with photography and video production, drone footage and a time-lapse video of the exhibition set up were also part of our scope. It was all hands on deck to execute each service smoothly and deliver stellar results for our client.

Success lies in pre-planning

With multiple aspects to the brief, pre-planning and transparent communication was key to an efficient event. From a pre-event meeting with our clients to clarify their brief and expectations, to setting up general administration, on-site venue access, drone risk assessment and editing schedules, everything was organised in advance so all parties were on the same page.

Drone footage of the Underground Operators Conference

Inspire and engage with video

We knew the videos we created were what was going to really connect with viewers and generate that sense of FOMO, inspiring them to register for future events and look back positively on this one.

Time-lapse footage of the set up for the Underground Operators Conference

Along with the time-lapse of set up and the drone footage to capture the size and scale of the conference, our other deliverables included:

  • A main highlights video, 60-90 seconds long, to act as their 130th anniversary showreel
  • One edited version, 30-45 seconds, for social media
  • Vox Pop videos, unedited as separate files, to be used for future conference videos by AusIMM marketing
  • Raw footage of all aspects of the conference and exhibition, for AusIMM marketing to edit and use for future conference videos

These would be supported by high-quality, professional photography that would capture all aspects of the event including registration, arrivals, presentations, speakers, networking, sponsors, exhibition space and entertainment.

On the day

Highlight reel of the Underground Operators Conference

We were on-site two days before the event to set up and film the time lapse of set up, and we filmed the drone footage early on the morning of the first day of the conference, before it opened.

Throughout the two days we had a photographer, videographer and assistant roaming the event, filming and photographing the highlights that we then professionally edited into the required deliverables.

We have utilised Transcend Media for previous conferences to provide photography, virtual streaming, pre-records of speakers as well as interviews. For our largest conference we needed video services, drone services, time lapse photography and event photography across 5 days, 4 social functions and 1,500 delegates.

In every state, their team are of the highest quality and no matter the request they have someone who can do the job! We will continue to use Transcend Media for our conference, event, and marketing needs.

Fiona Geoghegan

Events Manager at AusIMM

It was a pleasure to work with AusIMM once again on an exciting project and we’d like to congratulate them on an incredible 130 years!

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