January 21

Case Study: Podcast for Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership


Last year, the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership (VATL) brought us on board to help kick off their new content platform, podcasting. We led a comprehensive workshop, covering everything from strategy to an audio demo, and from there our podcasting partnership began. 

The brief 

VATL wanted to create a series of audio-only podcasts around the topic of maths anxiety. They were planning the content but needed all recording and editing taken care of, so they could focus on the topic without having to worry about the tech. That’s where our stress-saving mobile podcast service stepped in. 

Full-service podcast production 

One of our clients’ favourite things about our podcast production service is that we come to them – no travel or special studio required. 

We arranged a half-day of recording at VATL’s office, which included a dedicated audio specialist who handled the setup, recording, and monitoring of the podcast. Any equipment needed, we brought with us: podcast microphones, headphones, audio interfaces, and recording machines, all of a professional broadcast quality. 

Behind the scenes montage of the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership team recording podcasts in their office

Behind the scenes recording podcasts for the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership

Once the recording was complete on the day, the participants from VATL could sit back – their work was done. Our team then transitioned into the post-production stage, using the latest audio editing software to produce a high-quality recording.  

These post-production services include removing background noise (we know offices can be noisy!), mixing and balancing, volume leveling, timing editing, applying final touches to the audio and optimising for various listening platforms.  

Depending on the client’s wishes, we can either deliver them a final audio file, or publish on their behalf to podcasting platforms like Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.  

It was a pleasure as always to work with the Academy, and we can't wait to see what other podcasts they produce in future!

Thinking of starting a podcast?

Book an online meeting with our production team for a 30-minute chat about how we can help bring your podcast to life.


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