September 29

Case Study: Fantastic Furniture Conference


The Fantastic Furniture Conference was held at Crown Casino from the 18th to 21st September, and we were there at every moment to capture the highlights of this four-day event.

From awards and presentations to cocktail nights and a gala dinner, we filmed and photographed all aspects of the conference, working quickly and effectively in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

The brief

Our team of five (two photographers, two videographers and an on-site editor) were tasked with both photographing and filming the conference. Along with the daytime events, this also included a gala dinner, cocktail event and social dinner.

For photography, our brief was to capture the various phases of the event, including set up, registrations, presenters, branding, sponsors, exhibitors, networking, awards, socials, candids and eye-ball to camera socials.

A group of attendees sitting at a round table looking at a document

We photographed the conference at all stages, including delegates working together in groups 

For video, on the other hand, our main objective was to capture emotive event highlights and produce a wrap-up video that would be played on the final day of the conference. This video would include both rolling footage of the activities and vox-pop interviews (casual interviews with attendees).

That’s a wrap – capturing an event through video

The wrap-up video was key to ending the conference on a high note; we wanted delegates, sponsors and exhibitors to look back on the past few days with positive emotions and an excitement and motivation that would carry on beyond the event itself.

Throughout the first three days and evenings of the conference, our roaming videographers filmed all activities at various angles, while working with attendees to encourage them to participate and have fun.

Our pro-active, creative approach meant we could create a video that was interesting, fun and engaging. Editing played a big part of this, particularly our choice of audio and how this played into the video’s pace and timing.

You can view the final video below:

The final results

Our on-site editor ensured fast turnaround times for photography and video, with edited photos made available as the event progressed, with remaining images provided within three to four business days afterwards. And the wrap-up video, of course, needed to be ready to go on the last morning of the conference.

It’s not often that we get physically applauded for our work, but it was a delight for our team to be acknowledged at the conference after the video was presented, and know that our work was appreciated by all who attended. It really was an outstanding event for us, and we hope to work with Fantastic Furniture again in future!

A collage of different photos of the conference, including image of the room and attendees

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