March 4

3 Ways to Covid-Proof Your Next Event in 2022


We’ve made it to 2022. Borders are open, masks are off, events are back on – right? 

While it seems like we’ve reached a Covid-normal, there’s still a fair amount of uncertainty in the air. It’s hard to predict what will happen in the next 3-6 months, and this can make planning events in advance a little tricky.

How do you ensure a future event, which you’ve put time, money and effort into, goes ahead and is successful?

Bring the content online

Our first piece of advice is to deliver your content virtually – that’s speakers, sponsors, Q&As, presentations etc. all brought online. This way, even if there are lockdowns, border closures, floods, alien invasions, you name it, attendees can still access your content from anywhere and you can still achieve your goals for running the event. 

Brand your event

You don’t want to lose any brand recognition by taking your content online. This is why it’s so important to brand your virtual or hybrid event at any opportunity, whether it’s on the virtual event platform or a watermarked logo on presentations.

That way if attendees take screenshots throughout the event or speakers share snippets from their presentation, your brand will always be represented, not only ensuring longevity for your business but setting you up for success for future events.

And in case you’re wondering – yes! We offer branding as part of our services.

Finish off with a face-to-face networking opportunity

Don’t miss out on the face-to-face networking unless you really have to. Plan for an in-person offering after the main event, so attendees and speakers have the chance to mingle and discuss your event in person. The advantage of this, is that if for some reason the face-to-face networking can’t go ahead, you will at least have delivered your content without having to worry about changing circumstances.

Our suggestions for the post-event networking include activities such as wine tasting or a cocktail-making class, or a simple dinner or canapes for a more relaxed option.

Are you planning your next event?

Discover all the wonderful ways we can help with our virtual and hybrid event services.


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