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Rhylee Nowell

Senior Program Manager

They produced world-class images and video that invariably enhance our events and collateral. Their work for the CPO Summit this year was particularly exceptional, especially given the unusual circumstances surrounding the event.

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Transcend Media has always been a creative powerhouse, consistently providing top-tier services in video production, photography, and mobile podcasting. Our journey shifted during the COVID era when virtual and hybrid events took the spotlight, emphasising the importance of high-quality visual content.

Today, we recognise the ever-growing demand for captivating and diverse media solutions in the business world. Our services have expanded to encompass not only virtual and hybrid events but also the following key offerings:

Video Production: With a strong focus on visual storytelling, our team crafts compelling videos that breathe life into your brand and message. Whether you need a promotional video, event highlights, or engaging online content, our expertise ensures that your vision becomes a reality.

Photography Services: Our skilled photographers capture the essence of your events, products, and services, creating powerful visual narratives that resonate with your audience. The result is a portfolio of striking images that leave a lasting impact.

Mobile Podcasting: Podcasting has emerged as a versatile platform for knowledge-sharing and community engagement. Our mobile podcasting service empowers you to create and broadcast captivating content, fostering meaningful conversations and connections.

Virtual and Hybrid Events: Our reputation for seamless and memorable virtual and hybrid events remains as strong as ever. We excel in providing solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations, making sure your events are engaging and unforgettable.

At Transcend Media, our goal is to simplify the ever-evolving media landscape for you. We offer a one-stop solution for all your media and content needs. With our unwavering commitment to your success, we're not just here to meet your expectations; we're here to exceed them. Our creative approach ensures that your audience remains captivated, regardless of the medium. Welcome to a world where your content aspirations become a vibrant reality.

Why Choose Transcend Media?

Bespoke Solutions

Working closely with your team, we plan, co-ordinate and execute visual content and virtual experiences according to your goal and budget, with end-to-end services.

Added Value

We leverage our diverse skillset and photography, video and event management experience to ensure your visual content or virtual experience is the absolute best it can be.

Attention To Detail

Our cross-functional team of IT specialists, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, content producers and virtual event managers will ensure every detail is taken care of.

Ongoing Support

We care about your long-term success. We build ongoing relationships with clients, so you only ever have to call one number for support.

Professional Production Quality

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional production quality backed by our creative and technical expertise, shown to result in higher engagement at virtual events.

Peace Of Mind

No one wants to deal with tech issues; that’s why you receive full IT and project management support, and only the best visual and audio quality, giving you complete peace of mind.

About Jesse Spezza

Off the back of his successful photography and video production company, Beckon Media, Jesse expanded the company's services to meet the needs of his clients in the new COVID era.

Driven by service excellence, Jesse's extensive digital content experience, events and project acumen, and leadership ability lead his team into the new world, bringing his valuable clients along for the journey.

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Meet The


Our friendly team are ready to share their knowledge and expertise from multiple disciplines, ensuring the best possible outcome for your digital product or online event.

Managing Director

Jesse Spezza

Jesse's main focus is to help organisations find better ways to bring people together online. Going above and beyond is not the new norm for Jesse, it's his fundamental approach to getting the best outcome for his clients. 

strategy & growth

Michele Carson

Michele Carson is instrumental in supporting the business in future planning and growth. Having supported hundreds of businesses across many industries to achieve their goals, there's no better time to have an expert like Michele on the Transcend Media team!

Admin Guru

Angela Markovich

With a background in administration and a love for all things creative, Angela's expertise includes digital coordination, and managing all admin-related tasks and office operations. Moving from Brisbane to Melbourne, Angela brings her sunny disposition and passion for organisation to our workplace. 

Video Production

Tim Harris

When it comes to making you look and sound great in this virtual era, Tim Harris is your guy. With over 13 years experience in video production and content creation, you're in excellent hands!

Livestream Guru

Stephen Hadley

A skilled and enthusiastic livestream specialist and all-round technician, Steve brings his passion for broadcasting webinars and events to creating powerful client content.

Event Producer

Steven Angel

When it comes to spectacular events, Steven isn't too far away. With his event creativity, intuitiveness and maestro-like abilities to bring all the moving parts together, rest assured your event is in good hands.

Production Editor

Elliott Kongas

Elliot is our dynamic production editor and all-rounder with hands-on experience in photography, editing, motion design, IT and business management. With a drive to exceed customers’ expectations (his motto is ‘when only the best will do’), his versatility sees him seamlessly deliver from concept to final output, every time.

Why Choose Transcend




We strive to extend our clients’ current audience reach with engaging online content and experiences.



We’re always researching and testing new and innovative methods to bring virtual and hybrids events to life!



The digital landscape can be confusing and complex, so we break it down and make things easy for our clients.



Building the bridge between the digital and physical worlds comes down to engagement. We constantly strive to bridge the gap!

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