September 3

Case Study: Victorian Teaching Excellence Program


The Teaching Excellence Program (TEP) is a one-year program by the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership. It’s designed to enhance the knowledge and practice of highly skilled teachers from schools across the state, including government, Catholic and independent schools.

We were engaged to film and edit various videos from their Term 3 conference, held on July 18th. The purpose of the conference was to bring members together to collaborate and share knowledge to further advance the teaching profession.

The brief

The TEP conference consisted of various workshop activities, presentations and networking, which we were to film for our B-roll footage. Our main objective, however, was to film testimonials of teachers currently in the program, so they could share their experience and promote the program to future members.

The style of the final videos needed to be positive, energetic, professional, and informative. Ultimately, we wanted a potential candidate for next year’s program to watch these videos and be persuaded that this was the right program for them. With that in mind, we got to work.

teachers gathered around tables

The TEP conference in action

Timed to a T

It was a one-day, on-site shoot at the conference, where we had to capture all B-roll footage and film 16 teacher interviews for the testimonials, all between a packed-out program sprawling across several spaces within the Department of Education and Training’s headquarters.

Needless to say, pre-planning, clear communication and an organised schedule were key to ensuring we got everything we needed on the day and that the entire process ran smoothly and without fuss.


One of the testimonials from the day 

The result

Our final edits from the day included the below:

  • 8 x 30-second videos of each teaching discipline (Arts, Science, Maths etc), including branding, testimonials, and footage of the teachers engaging in the various activities.
  • 1 x 2-minute promotional video, including branding, cuts of various testimonials across disciplines and B-roll footage from the day.

Both us and, more importantly, the client, were very happy with the results and we look forward to working with them again in the future!

Check out the promo video below.

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