June 20

Case Study: Climate Change Education Forum

The atmosphere at the 2024 Climate Change Education Forum was buzzing with ideas, excitement and a sense of purpose.  

Run in partnership with Sustainability Victoria, the Department of Education and Deakin University, the forum brought together 130 voices, from students, teachers and policy makers, to discuss the future of climate change education in Victoria. 

The brief 

We joined the team to photograph and film the event. This included photography throughout the day, along with video capturing general footage of all activities, short informal interviews with event partners, and vox pops (on-the-spot interviews) from participants.  

To cater to the various groups taking part in the forum, our final deliverables were to include two social media video edits (one aimed at students and one at teachers/adults), plus a highlight video for promotional purposes. 

On the day 

Tables of students, teachers and policy makers

As there were so many elements to capture throughout the event, we had two team members, a photographer and videographer, attending on the day. 

Our photographer was equipped with two camera bodies, a lens kit and on camera flash unit, ready to photograph everything from stage activities and guest interactions to branding and sponsors.  

Our videographer arrived early for set up, with two cameras: a fixed camera and gimbal steady-cam, in preparation for capturing both rolling footage and interviews/vox pops. All footage is recorded at a professional broadcast-quality, ready for post-production editing into the polished final videos.  

Students interacting in workshops
Students interacting in workshops

Students interacting in workshops

With 130 people in the room, the enthusiasm and excitement were high! Our team worked effectively in the dynamic environment, photographing and filming everything they needed for the final videos, whilst engaging with attendees for interviews and ensuring everyone felt comfortable in front of the camera – something we pride ourselves on. 

The results 

Our post-production editing included adding on-brand graphics, titles and captions, plus audio to the videos, producing three final edits: two shorter social media videos, targeted at different audiences, and the lengthier highlight reel. 

Photography editing covers edits such as colour correction, sharpening and cropping, with key shots provided by 10am the next business day. We sent the remaining images a couple of days later, via a secure web gallery link. 

It was a pleasure to partner with the Department of Education once again on such a significant event. You can watch the final highlight reel below: 


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