January 23

Case Study: TDG Environmental

TDG Environmental is the largest and most experienced provider of sustainable waste management and recycling services throughout Australia & New Zealand.

We were engaged last December to provide production support for an internal virtual meeting, where their CEO and other speakers would communicate to all staff across multiple states and New Zealand.

The brief

Rather than a bland or awkward standard Zoom meeting (we know everyone has had enough of those!), we would give the virtual meeting more of an event feel, with professional filming of speakers at the client’s office that would be livestreamed via the Zoom platform.

As a result, our services not only included the technical delivery of the virtual meeting, but also the on-site filming and livestreaming.

Planning is key

You know what they say: fail to plan, plan to fail. For what was only a 45-minute virtual meeting, we knew that spending time prepping and rehearsing would ensure the event went smoothly on the day.

Our scope included client and production meetings, supporting agenda development, and an online tech rehearsal where we conducted a full run-through of the agenda and an AV check and set-up for speakers (web cam framing, audio check, lighting, internet etc.).

We also provided AV guides and speaker guides for presenters to help them prepare for their live presentations, making sure they would look professional and confident with their online delivery.  

On the day

man in white business shirt talking and gesturing with his hands in front of background with a blue green gradient

The livestream of the TDG CEO speaking

We provided one technical host on the day for the virtual meeting, who would manage speaker spotlighting, provide tech support and record the meeting. We then had two technicians who filmed at the client’s office, arriving early for set-up and testing.

All our pre-planning paid off and the event couldn’t have gone smoother. As part of post-production, we also provided a professionally edited recording of the meeting within two business days.

It was a pleasure to work with the team at TDG and help them take a straight-forward online meeting to the next level with our services.

Say goodbye to bland or awkward Zoom events

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