November 24

Case Study: Redcat Photoshoot


We were recently engaged in a photoshoot for Redcat, a hospitality IT platform.

Redcat provides integrated technology for the hospitality industry, including POS, online ordering, loyalty apps, kitchen management and virtual brands, all within a single system.

The brief

Redcat’s objective was to build a library of images they could use across different marketing applications, such as their website, social media and sales presentations.

We knew we needed the photography to embody the spirit of the Redcat brand; they’re passionate about hospitality and the people in it, so we wanted to capture that warmth, authenticity and connection between people in the industry.

With a clear brief in mind, we set a date, assembled a team, and got to work.

A team effort

If we were going to capture the connection and authenticity of people in the hospitality industry, the first thing we needed to do was find talent.

male server handing tray of burgers and chips to young female customer

Talent was used in the Redcat photoshoot

The client was able to provide four members of their staff to take part in the shoot, and we sourced an additional two professional models from the StarNow talent agency.

Our own team for the day consisted of the photographer, an assistant and a make-up artist.

On the day

We were able to photograph the talent in two very different hospitality venues, ensuring a variety of images for Redcat’s marketing collateral: the Precinct Hotel in Richmond, and Betty’s Burgers in Windsor.

It was a one-day photoshoot for the two venues, which still allowed us the time to make sure everyone was comfortable in front of the camera and enjoying themselves; particularly the Redcat staff, who were new to acting as talent (though we thought they could be professionals by the end of the day!).

We’re delighted to say Redcat was happy with the images, as were we! It was a pleasure to work with them and get to know some of their team.

woman serving behind bar
woman bringing a tray of drinks to couple at bar

Above: Photography at the Precinct Hotel

male server bringing burgers and chips to a table of friends

Above: Photography at Betty's Burgers

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