July 16

Case Study: Law Institute of Victoria Staff Photoshoot


One of our recent photoshoots was for the team at the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV).

LIV is a non-profit membership organisation representing more than 19,000 lawyers and people working in the law in Victoria, interstate and overseas. It’s dedicated to its members and the development, maintenance and the sustenance of the law for the benefit of the community. 

The brief

LIV needed personal branding photography of their staff to use on their website and other collateral. Law is a very corporate industry, and so while the photographs had to be suitable, the client also wanted the friendly and relaxed nature of their team to shine through in the photography.

As a member-based organisation, it was particularly important that the imagery conveyed this welcoming and warm tone to their audience, as the staff are there for the support and benefit of members.

Mockup of LIV website - banner using photography

The LIV website home page

A natural approach

We held two half-day shoots at LIV’s office in the city, photographing 11 team members in the spaces where they worked every day. This was important to capture authenticity in the imagery – it was as though we had just stopped by and caught them in the middle of their work.

man in shirt flipping through textbook
a collage of LIV team member portraits

It was a lot of fun to get to know the individual team members and customise their portraits to their own unique style and personality. We pride ourselves on making sure everyone is comfortable and confident before we start taking photos, as this always ensures the best results in front of the camera.

We’re happy to say this time was no different! We – and more importantly, our client! – were very happy with the results.

Is it time to update your brand imagery?

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