February 15

Case Study: Kids First Agency Day


Last November, we were proud to be involved in a virtual Zoom event with Kids First, an independent child and family services provider and early education specialist based in Melbourne.

The event in question was the Kids First Agency Day, a day for giving recognition to the members of the Kids First team. Once a year they close their offices, kindergartens and op shops for a day and meet as a whole agency to connect, learn and celebrate their successes.

In pre-Covid times the event would have been in person, but we adapted it into an online format, ensuring the highest levels of production quality and attendee engagement.

The brief

Transcend Media were to manage the Zoom event that included over 150 guests, and it made full use of our suite of services. Our tasks included:

  • Managing the Zoom platform throughout the live event. This included onboarding speakers, rehearsals, managing the waiting room, spotlighting, breakout rooms and tracking the timing of the event.
  • Technical support – if any guests had tech issues during the event, we were right there to give them a virtual hand.
  • Pre-recording and editing of speakers who couldn’t attend on the day.
  • A branded countdown video, to kick off the event professionally and generate anticipation.
  • An awards section with pre-recorded video, graphics and sound effects.

A virtual door prize

We didn’t want the event to miss out on any of the fun and excitement of an in-person event, and who doesn’t love a door prize? We wanted something that was simple, fun and easy to integrate.  

After some research and brainstorming, we decided on the Wheel Picker, which allowed us to pre-enter all 150 names and easily share it in Zoom, with added sound effects and applause to level up the experience. This was spun four times throughout the event to randomly give away prizes to guests, and provide a break from the more structured content.

On the day

It was certainly a busy day for us, with 150 guests, 7 speakers and 40 Zoom rooms, but we’re thrilled to say it all went off without a hitch. And most importantly, the event finished up with a happy client!

“We couldn’t have been happier with how the day panned out and the lead-up too. It was a pleasure to work with Jesse and Travis.”


Time to organise your own virtual event?

Let us run the show and ensure your next Zoom event is smooth, engaging and flawless.


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