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Case Study: International Mining Geology Conference 2022


A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to be part of the International Mining Geology Conference 2022, a global hybrid event that ran from the 22-23 March at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

This impressive event showcased some of the latest techniques in mining geology, and new and emerging technologies providing solutions to operations. We provided a four-person crew, filming and livestreaming the action so it could reach audiences worldwide.

The brief

The conference was to be a hybrid event with 500 attendees expected, both in-person and online. Our job on the day was to film and livestream the event, liaising with the in-house AV team to ensure everything went smoothly.

There would be many speakers over the two days, some who would be there in person and others who would be attending online. Either way we were to pre-record them all, in case pesky isolation rules or Covid popped up unexpectedly. Let the work begin!

Organisation was key in the lead-up to the event

Project management was a key part of our role to ensure everything was ready in time for the event, and on the days of it. Our scope included preparing speakers for their recording sessions, and we began onboarding sessions several weeks before the event date. These sessions included testing internet connections, perfecting lighting, camera angles, audio and framing, and answering any tech questions the speaker might have.

All up a grand total of 60 pre-recorded videos were put together – a mix of our recordings with some speakers’ self-recordings, which we edited.

Our production manager Travis flew to Brisbane for the event, playing an important role as on-site production manager, working with the crew and in-house AV team to make sure everyone knew their roles and the event went off without a hitch.

On the day

Looking out over laptops and screens towards the stage below

Where the magic takes place!

The TM team working their magic behind the screens

Hard at work behind the scenes

It was a busy day for everyone on the ground. While we livestreamed the event via the platform EventsAir, there was also the coordination of inserting the pre-recorded speakers in amongst the live speakers. For the panel sessions and Q&As, on the other hand, everyone was live, so the speakers on stage could have fluid, real-time conversations with the virtual speakers, without losing any flow.

We wanted to make sure those who were taking part virtually felt prepared and confident before it was their turn to participate, so we organised for them to arrive into a virtual green room before going live on the main stage, where we had a chat and checked their camera and mic settings.

We’re proud to say that everyone who participated had a fantastic time at the event, and our client was delighted with our services – which is all we need to hear, knowing our hard work paid off.

Jesse, Travis and the Transcend Media team are the consummate professionals! Transcend’s production expertise were only the beginning. It was the customer service, friendly disposition and can-do attitude of all team members that sets them apart from the rest. I highly recommend Transcend Media for all your AV and production needs!


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