April 24

Case Study: Fashion Week Malvern Central

Jessica Dempsey is one of Australia's long-established fashion bloggers and influencers, and an ambassador for Malvern Central Shopping Centre in eastern Melbourne.

We recently worked with Jessica and The GPT Group to promote Malvern Central through video and photography.

The brief

To tie in with the upcoming Melbourne Fashion Week, our client wanted to create an engaging, fun video to promote the key looks and trends that could be found at Malvern Central.

Featuring Malvern Central's new ambassador, Jessica Dempsey, the tone of the video was to feel relaxed and friendly, where the viewer feels like they are with Jessica as she explores different retailers and different outfits. This same approach was to be taken with the professional photography.

With our creative direction firmly established, we were excited to get recording.

A matter of style

A key aspect of the filming and photography was to capture Jessica's authenticity and invite viewers on a journey where they can easily imagine themselves in Jessica's place, having fun browsing and selecting key outfits for the fashion festival or simply for everyday wear.

The style of filming was chosen to feel like viewers were with Jessica as she shopped, which was achieved through a mix of panning shots, talking to camera, B-roll footage and voiceover to create a dynamic, fast-paced video. 

We approached the photography in a similar way, capturing fun and relaxed imagery that highlighted a sense of movement, using a mix of posed and candid shots.

Jessica was a professional and a pleasure to work with – she made our jobs very easy!

Jessica Dempsey in white and green mid length dress exiting Malvern Central with several shopping bags

Jessica Dempsey shopping up a storm at Malvern Central

Jessica Dempsey looking in mirror in fitting rooms

Jessica Dempsey trying on a look at Malvern Central

The final products

Professional editing is part of our scope, ensuring a slick finished product that fits in seamlessly with a client's brand.

Along with a selection of high quality photographs, we also delivered one two-minute centre walk-through video and one 30-second cut-down version, edited with graphics, titles and a license-free music track.

It was wonderful to work with Jessica Dempsey, and The GPT Group once again on a fantastic project! You can view the final video below:

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