March 7

4 Ways We Make Podcasting Easy with our Mobile Podcast Service


A podcast can be a great format to connect with customers, members or staff. They’re easy to digest; you can listen to them wherever or whenever you like (who doesn’t enjoy listening to true crime while folding laundry?); and it helps build trust between the podcaster and their audience. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t listen to a podcast these days.

But many organisations hesitate to create one, often because no one wants to manage the tech side of things, or it’s too expensive to hire a studio, or they don’t want it to sound like a DIY job.

We take care of all these issues with our new mobile podcast service. Read on to find out just how easy podcasting can be with the Transcend Media team.

1. We come to you

Fitting podcasts into a busy office schedule is so much easier when we come to you! Not only does it save you and your team time in your workday, but it also makes it more affordable with no travel or hire costs to worry about. Simply get in touch to arrange a time that suits.

2. You don’t need to organise any tech

Skip the stress and relax knowing that we will bring everything we need with us, including state-of-the-art equipment and our own recording engineer to deliver industry-standard production quality, every time.

You don't even need a studio or soundproof room, thanks to our professional equipment and post-production. Just turn up and we'll do the rest!

3 people sitting around a table recording a podcast, 2 are talking into microphones with headsets on

Two-person podcast with on-site recording engineer

3. Want film as well? No problem

Our packages can be customised with a range of add-ons, including professional video recording, professional lighting, set dressing and mood lights. If you would prefer to hold your podcast out of your office, we can also help you choose the ideal custom location.

4. Post-editing and publishing

Our work continues even after the recording session is complete. Our post-production editing includes polishing the finished audio or video file into a slick, professional podcast, with fast turnaround and delivery. If you like we can also publish the podcast to your selected platforms, or we hand the file over to you.

silhouette of man's head looking at screen, editing audio

Post=production editing is included in the scope

Ready to start podcasting?

If you have been thinking about starting a podcast for your business or organisation but were having doubts about the process, we hope we’ve cleared that up! If you have any questions at all or want to discuss getting a podcast underway, simply book a meet for a thirty-minute chat with a member of our production team.


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