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STEM essentially is the application of theoretical knowledge, with a goal of achieving practical solutions.

A group of us got together when we saw the rampant spread of the Coronavirus and sought a way to help; the team researched the problem, utilising the vast sources of information available online on all manner of topics in the global scientific community to see what could be used against the pathogen, and then finding a way to bring these concepts to life by creating prototypes and then fine tuning them to commercial production readiness.

STEM is not just a part of OZMed Designs, it is the reason for its existence.

Who are we?

OZMed Designs began in 2020 in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, starting from a conversation about how dangerous pathogens can be towards people – especially those with weakened immune systems, other pre-existing medical conditions, or those considered to be at high risk such as the elderly. The unprecedented severity of the pandemic had us thinking: Australia has approximately 7,000 deaths from just hospitals as the result of disease causing organisms each year, many caused by invisible transmission through high contact surfaces such as door handles, push plates , IV poles, public railings, doors and counters.

So here began our journey and researching to finding a solution, another method of combating viral/bacterial diseases by reducing their risk of primary spread, and killing the pathogen before they get a chance to infect a person after leaving another person.

There is another option that is currently not being utilised to its fullest potential, Antimicrobial Copper, which has shown to begin killing pathogens as soon as they come in contact with the surface. The Copper attracts the pathogens and ruptures the outer cellular membrane leading to pathogen neutralisation. Antimicrobial Copper surfaces fully self-sanitise within hours, which is a vast improvement when compared to standard touch surface materials like plastic or steel that can remain contaminated for several weeks.

Utilising the engineering, manufacturing, and medical experience amongst the team, a lean production capability was established that could produce customised Antimicrobial Copper touch surface solutions to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases amongst our community and to protect the vulnerable.


Direction Without Direction

There are different ways to navigate the paths of your life and career, from meticulously planning 20 years – to taking it one day at a time. No particular method is the best way, it is about finding what works for you and applying consistent effort (with breaks of course).

  • Monday 12 October 2020
  • 3.00 pm - 3.30 pm

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