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Incorporating knowledge from diverse areas, such as arts, science, law and engineering, Monash IT innovates with technology to make the world a better place. And we prepare our students to do the same.

Not only are we the only university out of the prestigious Group of Eight to have a faculty dedicated to IT, we’re also teaching the largest group of women IT students.

Technology is driving some of the fastest-growing jobs around the world*, including data scientist, AI specialist and cybersecurity specialist. With so many opportunities out there, are you ready to discover a future in IT?

* LinkedIn 2020 Emerging Jobs Reports

The Faculty of Information Technology (IT) at Monash University is a community of creative changemakers.

Ranked in the top 100 for Computer Science and Information Systems*, we produce confident, capable graduates through multidisciplinary courses and cutting-edge facilities. People who are ready to shape technology in all its forms – from AI and cybersecurity to software systems and human-centred computing.

Learning from the best minds in IT and computer science, you’ll be empowered to pursue exciting pathways. Careers that could see you doing wonders, such as creating new medical devices to save lives or developing the next best videogame.

In an environment that nurtures your potential, you’ll also enjoy an enriching student life and a community that supports your aspirations. This includes an alumni network of over 33,000 people spanning 155 countries.

*QS 2020 World University Rankings by Subject


The value of programming skills and the role of software in research and industry

Dr Michael Wybrow is passionate about software development and the value that these skills provide. As a Monash University academic, he has taught introductory software engineering to a wide range of undergraduate students. While overseeing student placements, he has observed first-hand the benefits that programming skills provide in both technical and non-technical organisations. As a researcher, he has worked on a number of complex practical problems as part of collaborations with industry partners.

Throughout this session, Dr Wybrow will draw on personal experiences to talk about the growing importance of software in our society, the value of IT skills and how they can contribute to a wide range of occupations and industries.

  • Monday 12 October 2020
  • 11.30 am - 12.00 pm

Watch the presentation:


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