What will Maths add to your life?

Maths opens doors to all kinds of careers

AMSI works with schools and universities to help students like you see the impact of STEM in their lives. We do this through our range of Careers materials and through school visits across the country. STEM is at the core of our daily lives, and STEM is underpinned at every level by mathematics. By sticking with maths, you can open doors to careers in areas from aviation to zoology. See careers.amsi.org.au

Ever wondered where maths can take you? 

About AMSI

In high demand across all industry sectors, the mathematical sciences are central to powering Australia’s STEM capability with the skills to drive new technologies and innovation. As Australia’s only not-for-profit national voice and champion for mathematics and statistics, we work with schools, universities, industry, philanthropy, government and the community to help shape policy and skill Australia for the future.

Building engagement and capability, we drive programs to strengthen the discipline and enhance its impact and role in Australian education, research, innovation and industry. A collaboration of Australia’s university mathematics departments, our growing membership network includes over 41 Australian universities, mathematics societies and government agencies.


Maths and You!

Maths is the hidden tool behind the people making a difference. Solve problems including food security, new fuels, pandemics, fairer economics and the future of transport – with maths. In this session Janine Sprakel will chat about selecting mathematics subjects at school and university that can grow an exciting career – the possibilities are infinite!

  • Monday 12 October 2020
  • 9.45 am - 10.15 am

Watch the presentation:


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